Prototype Development & System Integration

TEN TECH LLC develops, integrates and supports small prototypes for commercial, R&D and military purposes, including:

• Embedded Electronics Packaging
• Wireless & RF Communication Integration
• Guidance & Control Systems
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Small Airframes
• Support Structures & Payload Adapters
• Additively Manufactured Optimized Structures
• VITA 48.7 Air Flow-By™ Single Board Computer
Prototype Lab at TEN TECH LLC
Our engineers utilize standard design for manufacturing processes and Generative Design principles when Additive Manufacturing is to be employed, for lightweight lattice structures for instance. Our offices are equipped with PLA 3D Printers for small volume prototypes or functional parts, while larger subsystems or parts requiring higher tolerances or metal processes are generated by one of our partners, such as Xometry or Morf3D.
Lattice Structure VITA 48.2
3D Printing Lab TEN TECH LLC
In January 2020, TEN TECH LLC introduced the Huracán Multi-Purpose Aerial Drone (MPAD), a self-funded quadcopter demonstrator platform for sensor testing, environmental data acquisition, communication and processing. The Huracán was designed and integrated at TEN TECH LLC’s offices in Los Angeles, CA and Nashua, NH. The Huracán MPAD is based on a DJI Phantom 4 drone and has been enhanced with several off-the-shelf sensors and communication modules. The platform is designed to serve as an aerial sensor testbed as well as a proof-of-concept for further tactical, commercial and R&D UAS developments. Read the Press Release at Unmanned Systems Technology's Website
Huracan Quadcopter Autodesk Fusion360
Huracan Quadcopter

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