Ceetron AS releases Ceetron Analyzer Desktop

Ceetron AS releases Ceetron Analyzer Desktop
Today, Ceetron AS announced the immediate availability of their new flagship product: Ceetron Analyzer.

Ceetron Analyzer builds on a 20-year lineage of various GLview Inova versions, but it is in fact a complete rethink of post-processing in CAE. Ceetron Analyzer offers many advantages for CAE & CFD results visualization;

  • True cross-solver capabilities,
  • Cross-discipline capabilities,
  • Cross-platform, across desktop and web,
  • Python scripting,
  • Performance,
  • A price point that would facilitate licensing across simulation departments, not on an individual level,
  • Cloud-based storing, viewing, sharing, and collaboration, across organizations, value chains, and disciplines.

Make sure to check our Ceetron Page and contact us for trial, product and pricing information. To try out the Ceetron Cloud immediately, click on the picture below to visualize and interact with one of our ABAQUS crash model:

Abaqus Ceetron Cloud

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