ANSYS Discovery Live Success Story

Watch our case study with ANSYS Discovery Live
Earlier this year, we had the pleasure to host the good folks of ANSYS Corporate Marketing to discuss our use of the new Discovery Live technology.

ANSYS describes Discovery Live as "an environment providing instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration. Supporting common fluids, structural, and thermal simulation applications, it allows engineers to experiment with design ideas and see instant feedback from their changes".

Discovery Live is exactly the kind of breakthrough technology we needed to support our Design Guidance of an Aerospace Embedded Electronics Component taking advantage of Metallic 3D Printing: thermal & vibration analysis with instant feedback of design changes. If we were asked to describe Discovery Live in a few words, "Too Good to be True" is what comes to mind.

ANSYS Discovery Live at TEN TECH LLC

Watch the full success story on our YouTube Channel:

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