From Scan to 3D Print with CATIA

Watch our "From Scan to 3D Print with CATIA" Webinar
CATIA’s specialized Scan to 3D Print applications remove delays and transform the process.

  • See how to drastically decrease geometry reconstruction: users are reporting time savings of 30-80%
  • Find out how automating tooling compensation means what used to take days can now be done in a morning. Cases have shown that time can be cut from a week to a half-day.
  • Lastly, discover how we change the game in CAD reconstruction from optimized topology by doing in days what previously took weeks.

These capabilities revolutionize the way organizations will conceive, develop and deliver their new products, connecting the dots between physical and virtual worlds. Discover more about CATIA Scan to 3D Print by watching this free webinar:

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