8/24 11AMPST: A&D Thermal Simulation Webinar!

Join us on 8/24 for a Joint Webinar with Future Facilities!
TEN TECH LLC and Future Facilities Inc are conducting a joint webinar titled "Aerospace & Defense Electronics Simulation". We will be discussing the thermal challenges we assist our customers with and the 6sigmaET toolset we utilize to evaluate and solve these complex problems.

Among the topics discussed, we will highlight how 6sigmaET allows us to approach the following issues:
  • Ruggedized Enclosure Design - Capture complex conduction and intricate airflow paths
  • Harsh Environments - Solar radiation, arbitrary wind profiles and extreme ambient conditions
  • Altitude Considerations - The effect of elevation on air properties
  • Thermal Performance vs. Weight Trade-Offs - Exploring design variants and optimization
  • Transient Effects - Failure analysis
  • Liquid Cooling - Cold plate design

6sigmaET Aerospace Defense Electronics Simulation

Join us on August 24, 11AM PST for a 1h webinar:

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