Name this part, earn a 20% discount!

Help us identify a vintage Aircraft system and earn yourself a 20% on our software & services!
At TEN TECH LLC, not only are we experts in the Design, Test and Analysis of Aerospace & Defense articles and systems, but we are also Aerospace Packaged Electronics museum caretakers! On display in our office are pieces data from several decades back such as a B-47 Power Supply or an sgi MIPS R10K processor module. Both great teaching props to discuss design, shock & vibration and thermal management of packaged electronics.

B-47 PSU sgi MIPS R10K

We recently acquired a fantastic-looking piece of aviation history which has our experts stumbled. This particular unit shows manufacturer (Bell Aircraft Corp.), P/N 07 534 502 1 and date of MAR 1954. The part is in mostly great condition given its age, apart from the missing vacuum tubes and their adapters... That is all we know, and we're curious to know where it's from! Is it an Airacobra part? Is it a RASCAL part?

We'd like to know! And as no good deed should remain unpunished, we are offering a 20% discount on our software solutions, including CATIA, SIMULIA and ENOVIA and/or a discount on any Design, Test or Analysis services to anyone helping us identifying this unit.

Bell Aircraft 075345021 Front

Bell Aircraft 075345021 Bottom

Bell Aircraft 075345021 Bottom Back

Bell Aircraft 075345021 Bottom

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