TEN TECH LLC is proud to join the CRUSER Consortium
Following a meeting with USN (Ret.) Commander Place at UAS West, TEN TECH LLC has been invited to join the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education & Research (CRUSER). We are now a proud industry representative at CRUSER and will contribute as much as we can to support NPS.

CRUSER is a facilitator for the Navy's common research interests in current and future unmanned systems and robotics. The Consortium, working in partnership with other organizations, will inject a focus on robotics and unmanned systems into existing joint and naval field experiments, exercises, and war games, as well as host specific events, both experimental and educational. The Consortium hosts classified and unclassified web spaces to serve as collaborative environments for the community. Furthermore, with the operational needs of the Navy and the Marine Corps at its core, CRUSER will be an inclusive, active partner for the effective education of future military leaders and decision makers. Refining existing courses of education and designing new academic programs will be an important benefit of CRUSER, making the Consortium a unique and indispensable resource for the Navy and highlighting the educational mission of the Naval Postgraduate School.


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