A Great Example of Analysis-Driven Design

Demo video of a Defense Electronics product we helped develop…

Check out this great marketing video by Winchester Systems Inc. (WSI) of their RR1P MIL-Rugged Data Recorder we supported.

TEN TECH LLC was part of the development team of Subject Matter Experts brought in to support Winchester Systems' Product Architect. We assisted in the Design and Analysis of the chassis and canister system, for shock, vibration, arrested landing and crash landing as well as thermal management and cooling. Thanks to our proven analysis-driven design process, we were able to predict and correct potential structural and thermal problems early in the design phase, allowing for the design of a very robust unit.

The RR1P passed all mechanical and thermal qualification tests with flying colors, earning us the praise of WSI's team, summarized withe this quote from their CEO: "Thanks again for your professional services. The design was finally frozen and the prototype is in progress. All your good work will mean fewer changes downstream since we took care of the issues early in the design".

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